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Incredible Years Teacher Programme

The incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management Programme (commonly known by its acronym as IYT) is a fantastic evidenced based teacher and syndicate level intervention. It can run along side PB4L SW or can be part of a school's tailored

PLD package.

The Incredible Years programme provides teachers with approaches to help turn disruptive behaviour around and create a more positive learning environment for their students. The programme is for teachers of children aged 3-8 years.

Teachers from a school or early childhood education centre meet with colleagues from other schools or centres once a month over six months. There is also a follow-up, one-day session three months later.

The Teacher programme covers:

·         building positive relationships with students

·         proactively preventing behaviour problems

·         using attention, encouragement and praise to turn behaviour around

·         motivating students by giving them incentives

·         helping students learn social skills, empathy and problem-solving

·         using appropriate consequences for undesirable behaviour.

The MoE currently funds the delivery of the programme, so cost to schools is minimal.

The cluster has trained and experienced facilitators who have trained over 40 primary schools within our region.

Contact us or your local Special Education office to find out when the next programme is available. It is also worth visiting the MoE website and the IY website to find out further information.

Nga Hau e Wha RTLB are currently delivering two IYT programmes and may deliver up to two or three more in 2014.