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Vision and Mission Statement

Cluster 28 name - Ngā Hau e Whā

Nga Hau e Wha ("The Four Winds") represents the four winds of Tawhirimatea (God of the Winds): Te Hau Tonga (South Wind), Te Hau Raki (North Wind), Te Hau Rawhiti (East Wind) and Te Hau aa Uru (West Wind).


Cluster vision - Making life long learning accessible for all


Cluster mission statement - We work inclusively within the school community by collaborating with principals, school leaders, teachers, students, whanau, agencies and Ministry of Education to improve outcomes for all ākonga


Logo and motto - Aroha ki nga tamariki - love to all the children


Our motif is based on the whakatauki “He taonga rongonui, te aroha ki te tangata”. It translates as, “Goodwill towards others is a precious gift”.

The motif design was based upon the following principles: the koru design depicting parents, children and teachers - all intertwined together. The koru design was uncomplicated and could easily be carved as a manaia if required and worn as a taonga. The design incorporates the whakatauki that is relevant to the work of the RTLB.

The koru shows two smaller figures (children) being embraced by two larger figures (adults).
The adults represent teachers and parents/caregivers who are embracing, teaching and nurturing the children. This is done under the umbrella of the RTLB’s guidance (Note the umbrella shape). The motif was purposely heart-shaped – children are at the heart of the RTLB initiative.

“Aroha Ki Nga Tamariki” – “Love to all children”

This logo was designed and gifted to the NZRTLB Association by Wharewera Koopu.

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